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Situated ideally at the mid point between the Scottish and English capitals of Edinburgh and London, York picturesquely overlooks the confluence and banks of the Rivers Ouse and Foss. The city's fascinating historical origins stretch back to its founding nearly two Millennia ago, York is perhaps best known today as an important railway and manufacturing hub for the country, and also as a delicious confectionery centre of all delights chocolate. While the York hotels which dot the city are a welcome place to stay for the increasing numbers of tourists who travel there to relax, sight-see or attend to business.

Once in York, nicknamed England's "Chocolate City", visitors and residents alike can't help but be mesmerized by the city's historic architecture, verdant river banks and Church of England's stridently beautiful York Minster Cathedral. Built in the Gothic tradition, this magnificent house of worship draws visitors the world over, who stroll through its 7th Century grandeur and antiquity.

Of course many visitors to York are beguiled by the medieval influences which are seamlessly woven into the modern architectural fabric of the modern day city. Narrow cobble stone streets, castles and wooden fortresses, authentic centuries old pubs and sacred church buildings are mostly within walking distance of downtown. The York hotels and smaller guest accommodations which stand at the ready to serve even the most discerning of traveller are the ideal place to call home while visiting.

Perhaps you are planning to travel to the North East for business. York hotels offer a host of essential in house business services for clients to seamlessly carry on with their duties, while away from their home office. Twenty four hour Wi-Fi internet connectivity, copy and print facilities are just some of the guest accommodations' capabilities. Not to mention some of the larger properties' meeting and conference facilities.

As a preferred client staying at one of the featured hotels, you will be spoiled for the choice of room type and price point. Whether you wish for the cosy comforts of a traditional bed and breakfast room, complete with private bathroom and a hearty morning meal, opt for a chicly decorated townhouse or boutique hotel, or would like the roomier surroundings of a cosmopolitan hotel, with lounge area and kitchenette, these properties can meet most any need.

While the city has a delicious array of world class restaurants for your gastronomic delight, most of the featured guest accommodations offer fine dining options as well. Why not delve into the fine cuisine and creative menus prepared by your very own in house chef, or set your watch daily to appreciate your chosen property's traditional tea time, complete with sinfully tasteful and tasty confectionaries and tea blends form around the world.

So whether you come to York for a weekend getaway, shopping spree, or an extended holiday, there's never a shortage of activities and sights to take in. Not only will you be fascinated by her history and charming antiquity, but you'll leave planning to be back for more in no time at all. And so staying at one of the finely appointed and service oriented York hotels only makes sense. These guest properties are uniquely suited to furnish your cultural sojourn or romantic getaway in a manner only a world class destination can!